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RRH서 신규 매출 나기 시작한 에이스테크

RRH서 신규 매출 나기 시작한 에이스테크


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Webinar: Remote Radio Heads (RRH) in Today’s Evolving RAN Environment

Radio Access Networks (RAN) have evolved considerably from the traditional “macro” access networks of the past. Today, the ability to cost-efficiently address network issues around capacity, coverage and quality has become a reality with the successful implementation of small cells, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and Remote Radio Heads (RRH). Remote Radio Heads in particular, play a special role and are helping to drive the “densification” of mobile networks allowing mobile operators to keep up with the heavy traffic demands brought on by 4G/LTE, and continuing with 5G in the future.

In this webinar, we look at the forces behind the evolving wireless access network and the role the remote radio head is playing in this transformation.

Craig Stanziano, President, Distributed Wireless Group
Jeremy Cline, Applications Engineer, Rohde \u0026 Schwarz
Roger Paje, VP of Product Strategy, Absolute Analysis

Olga Yashkova-Shapiro, Program Manager, Communications Test Practice, Frost \u0026 Sullivan

LPG 린나이 가스난로 RRH S600과 RRH 9500 비교

LPG 린나이 가스난로 RRH S600과 RRH 9500 특징, 사용가능시간 설명




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