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Direct Plumb Espresso Machine | Flojet Installation

Join Tim as he demonstrates how to setup a Flojet system on the LUCCA Direct Plumb A53 espresso machine, and any other direct plumb model espresso machine.

Order the LUCCA Direct Plumb A53 espresso machine here: https://clivecoffee.com/product/lucca-a53-espresso-machine-by-la-spaziale/

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Flojet Bottle Pump for Espresso Machine Use

Caffewerks has updated this video and installation:


This video details the use of Flojets bottle pump system for use with espresso machine both commercial and home.

Bottled water pump system:


For more information visit:

Replace a Flojet Water Pump for Off Grid Water Harvesting System

Occasionally things break, but a good off grid homesteader knows how to fix them. This video goes into everything you need to know about replacing an Off Grid Flojet Pump for a rainwater harvesting system.

If you don't know how to pressurize your system, check this video out!!

Pump Used In Video: Flojet Pump #04325343

To learn more about going Off Grid in Hawaii check out our website at HTTPS://www.homesteadinhawaii.com




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