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PLC Analog Inputs and Signals

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In this video, we are going to be talking about analog inputs to the PLC.

What do we mean by analog input? Analog values are continuous values, such as temperatures and pressures.

While we tend to think of them in digital terms, at some point we have to convert them from the continuous world into our digital world, and this is where analog inputs come in.

Voltage signals in the range of plus or minus 20 volts or so and current signals in milliamps are commonly used as both analog inputs to PLCs.

Every PLC manufacturer has I/O modules to deal with these kinds of signals, along with other, more specialized modules.


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A special thanks to Frederico Duarte Fagundes for translating this video.

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Rafeeque TA Rafe : Hi, Usually industrial analog sensors are multipoint calibrated to accommodate hysteresis. How can we enter those values in a Siemens Scale-X Norm-X instruction?
Muhammad Shahzad : Hi dear! I am learning a lot. Thanks!
Samer Barakat-Diab : wonderful introductions. Watched it over a period of hours to absorb the wealth of information provided. Thank you for making your videos available on YouTube.
Veera .Veera : Great channel ! Very clever ! Thank !
francisco nava : your videos are awesome, if I have enough money, l would take your course.

Arduino Analog Inputs

This is a tutorial about analog signals and how to read them using the Arduino. It also contains a brief explanation about analog signals and the component in charge of the analog to digital conversion.

Components and mounting schematics were made using Fritzing:

Thanks for watching!
sandy blogs : what is the sampling frequency of arduino uno adc
matt holmes : Useful video thanks - Does the voltage supply for the potentitiomer have to come from the arduino or can u use a 0-5v signal from an alternative source?
Gabriela Carolina Perez : This is a great video. Thank you
Benson Tom Cherian : AMAZING vid
ESCAY : i just want to say, i appreciated your video a lot. After 3 days of researching, i wish i find yours first. Thank you so much.

Analog Input in RSLogix

Here is the link to the analog signal generator I use in the video:

This video is about Analog Input in RSLogix. I will show how to do basic control from an analog input.
disparky : Thank you!
Ricardo Moreno Olivares : Exelente gracias!!!
Vorapob Automation : How to programming analog output 0-10Vdc ?
shiv srikakolum : You are like a Hero toMe sir thank you
Jennifer Perez : Can you force an analog value in Rslogix500?(not from the field)




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